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Kim Wilson, Briarfield

"Since joining Danberry, the training that is offered and the willingness from other agents to help in my success has been phenomenal! I have learned so much in the few months that I've been with Danberry that at times I have been overwhelmed with the information.

When I was with Key, training classes were offered but you were basically left out on your own to learn the business; other agents would help you but at a "cost" (i.e. compensate with commission for time they provided to assist you).

Danberry offers so many opportunities for you to become successful in this business. At Danberry, the information and resources are there. You have NO EXCUSES not to grow!" - Kim Wilson, Danberry Agent Partner since 2015

Todd Schenkberger, Westgate

"Thank you again for the Achiever's Trip. I had a wonderful time. But also, thank you for the things you do to help make us better agents -- the Danberry website, the Buffini classes, the Ninja classes, the Woodruff training, and the overall atmosphere of the office. It is a wonderful place to work. I strive to produce for myself and my family, but I also want you to be proud of me." - Todd Schenkberger, Danberry Agent Partner since 2007

Joe Rigali, Perrysburg

"My first year with this company and very pleased. This company gives me and all their agents the right tools for SUCCESS. I am so excited for my future. THANKS DANBERRY!! - Joe Rigali, Danberry Agent Partner since 2015

Lisa Hurley, Temperance

"Sure, Danberry has great training and offers lots of classes, but the managers, staff, and even other agents did so much more for me.

What set them apart from the original company I put my license with was that they didn't just TELL me how to sell real estate, they SHOWED me how to do it. No matter how many times I got stumped, or just forgot, someone was always there to sit down with me and teach me. There really is a lot to learn, and every time I voiced my discouragement someone always said, "It will happen. You can do it." I am thankful for all of you." - Lisa Hurley, Danberry Agent Partner since 2015

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